Dttg 3 - open in pdf expert

Excited about version 3, which I have installed.

I have tried opening a pdf in pdf expert using the share sheet. It opens in pdf expert, but changes made in pdf expert aren’t saving back to dttg3. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks

See known issues in release notes:

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Many thanks

I can’t find the option to open-in-place when using a text file: is this enabled only when a relevant app is installed (I have Textastic)? What are the currently supported apps for text/markdown editing in-place?

BTW a small note (sorry, off topic): with the new Dark Mode, PDFs are also shown with inverted colors, which is extremely weird for sheet music.

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The other app has to support the option. Long-press on the app in the Share menu to see what it supports.

Disable Settings > Document > PDF auto dark mode.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the reference to an email. Do you mean the Share menu in DTTG?

Thanks. BTW, there is a typo at the bottom of the Settings page, in the French version: “vortre abonnement” (your subscription) should be “votre”.

Stupid phone and me with no glasses (or sleep).
I adjusted the sentence.

The typo is noted. Thanks.

does it work with other pdf applications? I tired Goodnotes and it says that it will import it to Goodnotes.

It depends on the application you’re using, not DEVONthink To Go.

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It works already with Adobe Acrobat and the Highlights App. Unfortunately, I would also prefer PDFExpert and hope for a solution soon.


I use PDFpen.

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