DTTG 3 -- View File Extension?

Oh, yes please :hugs:

Some basic options for any kind of content view / file explorer are very important!

Thanks a bunch and eagerly waiting :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Just to show this, in DT we get some decent options to configure the details visible in the view:

But here, the option to show the full filename or at least the concrete ending is also not possible!

Instead we see some interpretation of the file ending, for example “Web Archive” as DT’s interpretation of “*.webarchive”
And I suppose, it will also be “Unknown” for any unknown file type.

So, even in DT, the most important option is strangely missing.
And of course, we want the same on our iDevices … :slight_smile:

PLEASE fix this to get to a decent standard, like in any file explorer on any operating system (beside iOS / iPadOS).

There is nothing missing here.

Preferences > General > Appearance > Show filename extensions.

PS: Many Mac users don’t want to see filename extensions as that was the norm for them. Windows users/converts are the ones who generally want this.

PPS: iOS ≠ macOS. The platform and experience are not the same.

Oh, very interesting - many thanks, will try this out.

Now, the actual filetype is just… essential!
As is the ability to change the file ending.

Not sure why Mac thinks it is a good idea to hide this.
An image may be there in many many formats, but you may want to open a specific file type with a specific App… so you need a way to choose the right version.

Other examples are text files, which come withs lots and lots and lots of endings


You get the point.
You need to see which ending is the one you want and choose which App should open it, for this, you may need to change the ending too!

Many programs use some arbitrary ending, but the file is finally just a zip or tar archive, so you need to rename the file to be able to unzip it (iThoughts files, java class files, ZFS streams,… and so on)

I could continue…
The most easy and best way is to just show the concrete file ending and not someinterpretation (which my be wrong or misleading)

That’s possible in the Finder’s Info panel.

Yes, per single file.

As written above, we talk about a column in the explorer view of all files in a group / tag.

As it seems, this is optionally possible in DT, but most probably not for DTTG.

I am trying to argue for comparable options for both DT and DTTG, so that the we have a details view for content, including the correct file ending.