DTTG a rich Text lists (bullets, numbers, indents)

Completely switched workflow to Devonthink and mainly mobile.

Between different formats I prefer WYSIWYG and like rich text, but I don’t see ability to do lists, bullets, indents (outline style etc). I know the markdown editor has this, but is there a way to do this on DTTG?

If not is there a free app that supports this as open in?

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I feel sure there are a number of “Free” WYSIWYG apps in the App store, but I’ve relied on Apple Pages which is “free” for doing that sort of editing.

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Ok I’ve been trying to find one and can’t. And pages changes it to a pages document which requires open in function or opening from pages.

Most of my notes can easily be made in DT, but I don’t really like markdown but I do make lists and bullets often. Quickly being able to highlight, bold, and change colors of text when summarizing makes rich text preferred. The pages option adds an extra step I am wanting to do every time.

If pages allowed me to add the lists and then keep it rich text probably would be ok, but doesn’t seem to do that.

Tried a few rich text iOS editors, all have bold/italic etc none do bullets or numbered list. I know rich text is a bit weird on iOS but I wonder if not supported?

Is your dislike of Markdown because you don’t see the final formatting as you write?

I’m asking because the Markdown editor in DTTG does the functions you’ve listed and would seem quickest for what you need.

It does the list and bullet, but I would like to be able to change text color as well for progressive summarization. Currently you can’t do that (just highlight and bold, italic I find hard to see).

And I also hate progressive summarization in the markdown view. It’s much easier in WYSIWYG.

There is no benefit for markdown for anything I do. For my personal notes rich text does everything I want. I like formatting and colors at times.

Honestly converting markdown to pdf so I can annotate has been easier but then you can’t go back and edit the text.

Sorry, I missed your request about coloured text. Ignore me.

No problem.

I feel like DTTG is just so darn close to what I want that these small issues annoy me. I get the benefits of markdown and why some people would use if, but I just want a normal text editor I can do normal stuff with without having to open word each time I add a quick note!

You are correct that…

  1. DEVONthink To Go doesn’t currently support lists in rich text.
  2. Rich text is not iOS-native and Apple has provided no specific support for it so it’s up to developers to try to roll their own. Clearly this is not a simple task.
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After what @BLUEFROG said, you might want to re-think your choice of format. It seems that even Apple is now seeing RTF on its way to greener pastures, given that it doesn’t provide reasonable support for it on iOS. The RTF-capable apps I could identify are apparently not very well maintained (updated last 11 months ago, in the best case). If colors etc. are indispensable, you might be better off with another format, like Pages.

Just a suggestion. You can, of course, use whatever format you prefer. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up for the arrival of a fully fledged RTF editor in DTTG any time soon.


I think your right. I can’t find anything that works (but I do find it strange if I import an Apple note to DTTG as rich text it maintains bullets, but I can’t create one…)

Will probably end up with markdown for basic lists, and if need colors/highlights convert to pdf.

Not so strange. To display, they can (and most probably will) use Apple’s text framework(s). Creating RTF is a completely different thing.

Formatted note might be another possibility. It’s a bit more lightweight than PDF, being HTML.

I’ll try making lists in markdown and converting to formatted note. Pretty sure formatted note and rich text have similar limitations, but your right might be easier than going to pdf and back to markdown to edit (aka markdown to formatted back to markdown)

Yes, currently there are the same limitations with formatted notes. There’s essentially a plain text and a rich text facet of the editor. Formatted notes are a rich text format, though not RTF.

I understand the dilemma you have – it’s a problem that’s been around for years: neither RTF nor markdown is a full solution across both iOS and MacOS. RFT has advantages on MacOS but is too limited on iOS, and markdown has problems with sharing images across iOS and MacOS. In the end I went with Markdown because it’s more flexible, but that’s a personal preference.

One tip that may help with your progressive summarisation wish is that DTTG does allow you to use Critic Markup with Markdown for highlighting, which at least gives you a different colour text.

The syntax is a little obtrusive, {==this is highlighted text==} , but it works in DTTG as well as DT3. (Screenshots from DTTG)


With a utility like TextExpander (and KeyboardMaestro on the Mac), you can make the insertion of the markup simple enough not to be annoying.

Perhaps it’s worth trying out?

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Thanks, I have been using highlights. I find bold and italic ok but harder to read on markdown without changing css etc. Having a yellow highlight and red text works best to do a quick look through on text. And ultimately I do prefer select text than hit my formatting on iOS as compared to keyboard commands or going to markdown edit view (which doesn’t really make it as easy to see highlights etc) to my eye.

I did try going to formatted text but going back is difficulty.

I think where I’m landing for now is markdown when I import annotations from say kindle etc. after I adjust any text I need, when I’m ready for it to be “progressively summarized” I will convert to pdf so I can easily use multiple highlighters on my iOS/iPadOS devices and it will probably live that way.