DTTG - Add new Dropbox Account

Hi together,

I was using DTTG for that last months and everything was fine. I changed the dropbox account for synchronization due to the fact that I created a new one in order to save storage.
In DevonThink on the Mac the change of the dropbox account was doing quite well - I went into the Dropbox Security preferences and deleted in my old dropbox account the rights for the SyncStore.
Then I connected DevonThink with my new dropbox account. This worked quite well …

Now I wanted to do the same with my DevonThink To Go. I already deleted the old dropbox connection and also deleted the App on my iPhone. However, I do not get to add a new storage - when I want to do “New Dropbox Account” the “Login” “link” does simply not work.

I also added my “new” dropbox Account to the native dropbox app.

Does any have any clue for me how to solve it? I’m using Version 2.1.4 (16114)


Sign the Dropbx mobile app into the account you want to use.
Don’t press the “Sign In” link. Add the Store Name and encryption key, if needed, thenpress Save.