DTTG and iPad Pro


I’m basically happy with the current version of DTTG because it is doing what it should do - bringing all the stuff from the iMac to my mobile devices.

But I would really like to have full support for my iPad Pro! Are you planning to release an update for the current version 1 of DTTG with iPad Pro support or do we have to wait for the new version 2?



I don’t have an iPad Pro – but considering getting on. Is there something DTTG 1 does not do? Not sure what “full support” means.

I’m using DTTG on the iPad Pro. The interface is essentially scaled, so all DTTG menus etc look somewhat outsize when you move from the 9" iPad. The content, on the other hand, simply fills the screen as expected, i.e. is a lot easier to read (which is my rationale for getting the Pro in the first place, my eyesight is slowly, but steadily slipping). So I’m not sure what a significant adjustment for this model would be. Maybe you’re thinking about pen input? there is nothing in DTTG1 to make that worth it. So my guess would be that DTTG1 will stay as is for now, short of bug fixes.

DTTG1 is in maintenance mode only.