DTTG and MS Office

DTTG is my conduit between my Mac and my iPad. Through it, I sync the documents that I work on with the iPad. So far, this has consisted mostly of reading and marking up pdf documents. I have been mostly using iAnnotate for this purpose. The exchange between DTTG and iAnnotate is straightforward:
In DTTG choose “Open in” and select iAnnotate. Then I work on the pdf in iAnnotate and with the reverse “Open in” (well, it’s called differently, but the spirit is the same), I return the marked-up pdf to DTTG and from there eventually to DTPO. The only drawback is that while open in iAnnotate, the file has the unintuitive, temporary many-hex-digits filename (and if you send the same file twice to iAnnotate, you’ll get a new version returned into the global inbox).
With MS Word and Excel showing up on the iPad, I was hoping to have the same workflow. But from what I have seen so far, I can only send files from DTTG to Office, but not back. The “share” mechanism in Office only offers emailing and cloud upload. The only way I have managed to get an edited doc back into DTTG has been to use the email export in Office, send the file to myself, and then use the “Open in” mechanism in the mail app. Not very elegant, and eats bandwidth when using the cell connection.

Has anyone found any better ways to communicate between DTTG and Office?

By the way, for my own internal docs (where Word compatibility is not an issue), Pages is of course an excellent alternative to Word. I can send files back from Pages to DTTG, but DTTG doesn’t seem to be able to display them. Hard to believe that there is no quicklook style routine for an Apple app on the iPad. Am I missing something? In fact, if I choose docx-export in Pages, DTTG still cannot display it.

Overall, the interaction between DTTG and the major word processing apps on the iPad is not good.