DTTG and OmniOutliner

So I put an omnioutliner document in the mobile sync folder and sync it to DTTG. It shows up in DTTG with the message “Document Cannot be Displayed” No problem – I want to open it up with OmniOutliner anyway. But when I do “Open in OmniOutliner” I get “Unable to Open Document – this does not seem to be a valid OmniOutliner document.” Is there any way to make this work. The document is a valid and normal one with no special features that should cause problems. Please Help!

At this point, I do not see the sense in using DTTG as a middleman (maybe that will make more sense with v2.0) – especially if you are not even interested in interacting with the outlines in DTTG. Personally, I would just use the omnisync server to keep omnioutliner documents synced up between your ipad and mac. Then index the omnisync folder in devonthink and use tags to keep them organized with the other documents in your database.

The reason I want to do this has to do with my organization on a mac. I am indexing my reference files into Devonthink and then importing whichever ones are relevant to a particular project. I want all components of a given project to reside within that database, including (if possible) my omnioutliner files.

Confirmed. I tried this on an iPad (iOS 8.3 DTTG 1.5.8). I also Air Dropped it back to my laptop from DTTG and OO4 on the desktop refuses to open the file, throwing off essentially the same error message as does OmniOutliner on iOS. Finally, I emailed it to myself from DTTG – and on the desktop and iOS I also get these errors.

OO3 files are XML and can be read in any XML editor. After going through DTTG, the OO3 document’s XML is garbled and unreadable – just open a DTTG-ized OO3 file in BBEdit for example.

I was not aware that DTTG changed the content of our files – which is troublesome.

ah… I understand. Troublesome, indeed.

I have contacted Omni about this in the past. The only way to sync OO documents to the iPad so that they open properly is to use OmniSync due to the structure of the OO documents (yes an XML file but there’s more to it-that is what was explained to me). Same always happened when I sent OO doc to Goodreader and tried to open.