DTTG and Synology NAS - webdav setup

I am looking to set up a sync to my NAS hosted Devonthink so I can access it through DTTG via webdav.
Whilst LAN setup does not represent an issue, meaning works fine, the remote connection is.
Does anyone have some idiots guide of steps / naming conventions on how to get the webdav to remotely connect to the NAS shared folders ?

I gather that WebDAV is running on your NAS and you use it to synchronise DT and DTTG. You should not put your database on it and then try to mount the NAS folder locally to access it!

If you have a Synology NAS, you could find lots of information on making it accessible via the internet. Basically, you have to

  • lookup the port(s) your NAS is using for WebDAV. Although you might use WebDAV over HTTP, I advise against it – HTTPS is a lot safer.
  • Setup port forwarding for in your router/gateway (i.e. the device that is directly connected to the internet): port 443 (HTTPS) has to be forwarded from the router to whatver port WebDAV on your NAS uses for secure communication
  • Find out the IP address of your router and then try to connect from your Mac’s finder (“Connect to server”) using "https://<router’s ip address>:443/ That should hopefully give you a view of your WebDAV folder on the NAS.
  • If you do not have a static IP address, you might want to use a DynDNS service like MyFritz that gives you a pseudo host name for your router and takes care of changing IP addresses for you.

If you’re using a Fritz Box, you might not need to setup port forwarding manually: If you NAS supports it, you can tell it to use UPnP to configure port forwarding automatically in the router.

As I said before that you should use HTTPS, you might want a certificate for your router and/or NAS. Again, Synology devices can manage that with Let’s encrypt certificats, as can Fritz Boxen.

In any case, do NOT host your database on a NAS. Use the NAS for synchronisation only. That’s also mentioned in the documentation, I’m sure.

First you need to enable WebDAV in your Synology: there exists a package called WebDAV server. Run it to enable the protocol. Annotate the ports (normally 5005 and 5006 for HTTPS). Personally I have disabled HTTP, but then need to install a certificate.

Then use ET-Internet to configure your DDNS (with a Synology account). If I remember well, this tool will tell you the port redirection or if your router si compatible or not.

There are a lot of tutorials in Synology website to enable all of this.

My recommendation is first try non-https with demo data and once you have it, change to https only installing the certificate.

And of course, this is for the sync database, not for the database itself.