DTTG: clip bookmark to DT in Safari creates invalid document

Sending a bookmark with „clip to DEVONthink“ in Safari on iPadOS 17.0.3 always creates two bookmark documents in DEVONthink:

  • a „normal“ bookmark with valid title and URL
  • a bookmark with title „unnamed“ and invalid URL

Not seeing that here.
What URL and foes ut persist after a device reboot?

E.g.: Joseph Görres – Wikipedia (happens with every webpage)
I have turned my iPad off and on and still the same result:

iPadOS 17.0.3
DTTG latest release

weird: I‘m testing this and most of the time I get the result described above. But if I clip a page as bookmark several times I get the correct result (only 1 document with valid URL). Same with pages already loaded in Safari. Maybe it matters if Safari has a page in its cache.
At least I can say that with every web page I load to Safari for the first time gives the result described as bug above.

@aedwards, would you please have a look?