DTTG concerns

I was really waiting for this app to come out as i would have a lot of use for it in sync with devon think pro which is really great. But after reading the reviews i cant justify spend $15 for a broken app. I would greatly appreciate if someone from Devon Technologies would provide some kind of response, and rough timeline of when the problems will be fixed and if necessary features will be added, just to name one search not only by title but within PDF text. As with my database search by document title is completely useless since its just a bunch of numbers. Hopefully someone will care enough to give some news.


Dtech has been responding about various DTTG issues, e.g. see mikekppp’s posts.

We are looking into the issues reported concerning Search problems. We will post an update to Apple’s review process as soon as we are able to determine, and find solutions, for the most pressing issues. Please bear with us - the type and size of documents our users rely upon is rather large and that makes the problems reported, as relates to Search, a significant issue we are attempting to address as quickly as possible.

That sounds reasonable, and I’m glad to know that bugs are getting squashed in a timely manner. I will by DTTG and look forward to updates. Thanx

Just to add my +++ to the search in document option, this is certainly a must-have with files being at times >100 pages and more!