DTTG Crashing


I have just setup and started syncing DEVONthink To Go (v2.1.2) running on my iPhone 6, using iOS 10.2.1. It’s syncing to my Synology server over WebDAV. I have 2 IMacs and 2 MacBook Pros also syncing to the server via WebDAV, none of which are having issues. I have 3 databases the largest containing 68,000 items, another with 1100 items, and the smallest with 17 items for the moment. There are 2 other databases that show up in locations, but I haven’t added them, and they aren’t syncing. All of the databases finished syncing over WiFi, and the larger database says that it’s for about 36000 items to index. The databases are set to On Demand, as I bought the Advanced package.

When I launch DTTG, the Smart Groups start to calculate, and then completed. A few minutes later, the app will crash without me doing anything. If I enter one of the databases, and start poking around, the app will also crash. I may be able to create a group (which takes about 30 seconds to add), before the app crashes. I may also be able to move an item or 2 from the Global Inbox, before the app crashes.

I’ve gone into Locations and turned off syncing to the larger database, but that hasn’t helped. I’ve quit all of the apps on the iPhone and powered it off, as well as forcefully shut it down. Neither helped.



This is not the proper channel for crash reports. In DTTG2, select the Help > Contact Us to start a Support Ticket. Thanks!

My DTTG started constantly crashing on Ipad 14.2.
I cannot even have time to write email using “Contact Us” because DTTG crash before I could send it.

Last time I fixed it by reinstalling DTTG, and redownloading all databases, this time I will wait impatiently for DTTG3, hopefully it will come out soon :slight_smile:

I can only say that the one thing dt has never done on me is crash. It has always been stable.

Of course I am not that complex. But I’ve had other apps crash, never dt.

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