DTTG Database appears empty

Hi, so I have a database with ~7.5G data. On my iPhone, its appears completely empty. In the database list, if I long press and tap ‘info’, it says that the database has 7.5G. However, when I tap on the database, it appears to be completely empty. This issue doesn’t happen on any of my other databases by the way

Screen captures would be useful.

I would, but another solution became necessary. I thought it could be related to syncing (I had it downloading new files on demand and only keeping 500 items). I changed that to download always and keep all items. When I woke up today, my iPhone storage was full!

I have 3 databases on my computer (7.5G, 1.8G, and 124.8MB respectively. On my phone, after enabling full sync, DTTG took up a whopping 18GB of space. I am unsure where the extra 10 GB came from. A screenshot is below. I needed more storage, so I deleted DTTG entirely. I am going to start over from scratch. What advice do you have to help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible?

The space used is not just the databases. There are the indices of the databases, i.e. for the metadata and searchable text. Also, if you are using Spotlight and Previews (thumbnails) that is part of it. There is also transactional sync information stored, though how much is stored depends on the sync method. And this size obviously fluctuates some over time.

Also, if you disable previews or Spotlight, etc. these changes will not magically appear in an instant in the Storage settings. Changes will appear over time.

@eboehnisch would know even more in-depth, if needed.

In addition to @Bluefrog’s sage comments:

  • first time sync always takes the time it takes. Subsequent syncs much quicker.
  • do you really need all databases on iPhone? if yes, then consider investing in a bigger iPhone
  • Read about “cleaning sync locations” in Help and/or the Manual for “DEVONthink ToGO”. This should be done before the drastic step of deleting the app reinstalling
  • If you are using internet syncing, then maybe you can get away with downloading on demand.
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Agreed unless someone is using a shallow sync and only DEVONthink To Go, i.e., there’s no full copy of the database’s content anywhere but the sync location.

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