DTTG database differs on different iPads

I’m going to correct myself, before you (rightly) do so; you have “Unify Inboxes” active; as such you don’t see “Global Inbox” on the main screen, and are right in saying that the menu entry for verifying the Global Inbox is missing.

Solution: turn off “Unify Inboxes” temporarily. @eboehnisch please can you take note?

Noted :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s what I am trying to say…

There is no such option:

I disabled all smart groups to better show this.

My whole normal database is the same as the global inbox.
It is not listed seperately.

I just synced it to my remote location.

This option is enabled by default, I think:

I understand; did you see my adjuvant post in which I noted myself that what I had written is not valid in your case and told you what the solution is? :wink: And in the meantime Eric has taken note, so there may be a different solution down the road.

Oh, sorry,
I miss read.

I should disable this option?

Sure; but that doesn’t alter the fact that for you to be able to verify your Global Inbox today the solution is to turn off “Unify Inboxes” at least temporarily. You will then see the main screen I described earlier. You can always turn on “Unify Inboxes” again once you have finished verifying. And as I said, I’m sure DT will implement a simpler solution down the road.

Did so, and it helped!!!

Now the verify option is there, many many thanks!!! :hugs:

EDIT: I seem to have read that this option should better be enabled. So going to verify all databases on all devices and then re-enable the option again!

No problem; I’m sorry I didn’t immediately grasp what the problem was, so initially pointed you in a direction you couldn’t go.

My fault.

I read somewhere that the global inbox should better not be used as main database, but as an additional database.

But it seems that i cannot change this anymore.

I just started DTTG and then added my remote sync location, which resulted in what we saw.

Many thanks again!

This is a simple question of preferences; there is no technical need for the setting to be specifically on or off - it is nothing but an optical setting (imagine you have 5 cupboards with a box file in each. You can now put the plastic in-tray for each box file in the respective cupboard (non-unified); or you can put the in-trays in one place on your table (unified)). The content and technology remain the same regardless.

That certainly can be changed, but in this case I’d almost recommend doing it via a support ticket; I think receiving assistance via the forum when moving databases might be fraught with complexities.

OK, many thanks.

Just as a notice:

I did the verify and repair for 2 iPads, which both always looked exactly the same with the former DTTG version.

But now, even after repair they look different, even as both got sync freshly for the new DTTG version from the same WebDAV remote location:

Comparing the smart groups, I see some strange differences, esp. as not all content was downloaded for one iPad, even as “Keep All” and all other settings are exactly the same on both iPads:

But this difference in downloaded content may explain the other differences…

Is there a way to force a download of all content?
Without deleting and new syncing…

EDIT: I deleted DTTG from one iPad and will open a support case to seperate my global inbox from the main database