DTTG - databases showing in sync which no longer exist

Using DTTG 3.6.4 and 3.7

In Settings - Sync - Locations and then iCloud (CloudKit) when the list of databases appears there are quite a number which I have deleted from my Mac but which are appears in the list of available databases in DTTG. Including one where a created a database called “vwdata” used for a brief while, deleted and then created a further new database also with the same name. But on DTTG both are appearing and it do not know how to distinguish the newer from the older (as I wish to set up DTTG on another iPad). See screenshot

is it possible to have the databases no longer in use either be deleted or not shown in DTTG.

As we’ve mentioned before, you should clean the sync data before deleting databases you are certain you don’t want.

We’ve blogged about your specific inquiry in the past, as well…

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