DTTG does not show proper thumbnails in grid view?

When I use grid view (12.9" iPad Pro), the thumbnails don’t seem to show properly like they do in DT on the Mac - they are almost square (this example should be rectangular) with text covering 1/3 of the thumbnail:

Can DTTG show thumbnails properly?

I would also be nice to show more text in the grid view; the space for the text is very small, and the font is relatively large.

Here is a screenshot from the app I currently use to view and manage PDFs on my iPad - you can see that it is possible to have a nice grid view with full size thumbnails and info as well.

Here is another example from the iPad app I use for magazines etc:

I was won over by DT Pro on the Mac, and was in the process of migrating everything over to that, but I do most of my reading on the iPad and DTTP seems like a very poor cousin of the main app. After seeing the functionality of DT, I had never dreamed that DTTG would be so limited in terms of document views and browsing. This is extremely disappointing and likely a show stopper - unless I am missing something? I can’t even seem to get a decent list view in the main window - it’s confined to the tiny side bar!

No you can’t modify the thumbnails in the Grid View.
And yes, the item list is the primary navigation interface used most commonly by DEVONthink To Go users. (In fact, most seem to prefer it over Grid View by a large margin, in our experience.)

Thanks @BLUEFROG . Perplexing then why the item list is confined to the small sidebar, rather than being visible full screen.

Because the view/edit pane is always visible for viewing the selected file.

Yes, that is indeed the problem. A full screen view where the full filenames and other details can be browsed would be much preferable (in addition to a proper thumbnail browser).

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The request is noted but bear in mind we have not had such requests for hiding the view/edit pane entirely.
Development would have to assess this, including the broadness of appeal to other users.

Thanks. I have seen it spoken about in various forums online, not sure if this is one of them. But it makes sense in terms of functionality and real estate.