DTTG does not stop importing the same webarchives in an (almost) endless loop

Today I opened DTTG on my iPad Pro and was wondering, why it shows me converting- and importing-information every few seconds. I found, that in the global inbox DTTG imports around 20-30 the same webarchives all the time, non-stop, in an endless loop. The inbox is growing and growing - as I write this lines it grows for over 1000 entries. All are duplicates. They are the webarchives I sent from other applications/browser via sharing to DTTG as I do it since years. But now DTTG seams to not clear its „inbox-waiting-list“, when it is startet and has successfully imported the waiting objects. It just starts the import again and again. I can watch the inbox list growing and growing.

I tried to restart DTTG, also tried a restart of the iPad. Both things do not help.

After trying everything (restart, changing inboxes, deleting some of the imported files, …) I gave up, searched in this forum and started to write this topic. And a few minutes ago when I changed back another time to DTTG it has stopped suddenly! I don‘t know why, but at first I am happy. Now I am worried that it will happen again and what to do to stop it again. Does anyone had this problem in the past and knows the reason or a solution?

(Now I have to invest some time to clear the inbox from all the duplicates…)

The most important bit of information: what sync method exhibits this problem? Apple CloudKit or iCloud?

You are reporting unusual behavior. On DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket.

Sorry, that I forgot this information.
I sync over local network only.

I use DEVONthink Server on my Mac (still Monterey). On the iPad Pro (still iPadOS 16.6) DT To Go, both in the current version.

I use both machines for every day work - half of the day the iPad on the go, at home the Mac (iPad for private on the couch ;-)). When sitting at the Mac I turn on the iPad and sync locally.
When the described behavior happened, no sync was running, the Mac in the local network was turned off.

On the iPad I often send webarchives from the browser over „sharing“ to DEVONthinks inbox for remembering, reading later and deleting, saving for certain things etc… When I open DTTG later, it shows me, that it is importing the objects, indexing it etc. - takes just a few seconds to finish. Last time it starts the same way but repeated it again and again with the same „new“ webarchives from the „waiting-for-inbox-list“, putting more and more duplicates of them in the inbox.

OK, thank you very much. I will do so.

Hmmm. I had the exact same experience on my iPad Pro a couple weeks ago.

Ended up deleting the original file on both Mac devices. The seemed to stop the behavior

This should be addressed in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.