DTTG donated Siri Shortcuts?

Is there a plan for DTTG to leverage the power of the rapidly evolving Siri Shortcuts environment? I would love for there to be a menu of donated DTTG shortcuts ready to incorporate into automations. Beyond item creation/tagging, it would be great to have a donated shortcut that returns the item-link URL to be passed to other apps.

I am waiting until iOS 13.1 before I update my iOS, so if this is already there…thanks!


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Is there a plan for DTTG to leverage the power of the rapidly evolving Siri Shortcuts environment?

DEVONthink To Go already has some support for Shortcuts with our URL scheme, and has had this support for some time.

What do you mean by “donated shortcuts” - ones other people have already made?

I think the OP means the new Shortcuts features introduced in iOS 13. I don’t know the correct terminology for certain, but I think “parameters” are what we’re talking about. https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/213/
I’ve also heard them called “developer created actions”.

The idea is to help apps go beyond URL schemes, enabling things like conversational Siri. Apple has also hinted at the idea that URL schemes are insecure and some worry that they’ll be limited in future releases of iOS. There’s a helpful 20-min discussion about these features and the risks to URL schemes in the latest episode of Automators: https://overcast.fm/+NvaJvhn9Q/43:21

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This is what Apple means as donation.

Thank for a great app!

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Here is another article.

It would be great to use drag and drop functionality in the shortcuts app to incorporate DTTG into automations with task managers, calendars etc.

We will look this over as time allows.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.


For what it’s worth, I would add a plus one to this. Last year I made a kind of database app (at least that is what I would call it) between DTTG and shortcuts using the x-callback-url and they are wonderful to have. With having gotten to play with some of the apps that have donated to the shortcuts app (and added parameters) it is so much more approachable and easy to use.


If you haven’t listened to the podcast episode, Automators, that Ryan linked to I highly recommend it.

Paramaters or donated shortcuts are safer and have the ability to work in the background. They are also far more user friendly.

For example: If I want to capture something to a web archive and add a tag and place it in a particular DT group. I could do that with the existing URL based shortcuts with a shortcuts share extension, but the URL Scheme would not run in the background. It can feel hacky. If DTTGO is updated for donated shortcut parameters it would run in the background seamlessly.


I would really love to see this happen as well.

I’d love to be able to send files, photos, screenshots, PDFs, etc. to DTTG from the share sheet, or from the photos app, send it to DTTG for storage, then send a deep link to OmniFocus (or any other app,) for future reference.