DTTG - DT Mac Sync with different iCloud users

Anyone have a similar working situation?

iMac synched to Cloudkit data store
various i-devices running DTTG syncing with the same store

My wife has a separate database for her stuff on my iMac and would now like to use DTTG to sync to iphone/ipad. She has a separate iCloud account of her own.

Is it possible to have my current sync store accessible to her?


Unfortunately no. The iCloud space is tied to her iCloud account. It’s not possible to access someone else’s iCloud account from a device set up for a different account. One iCloud account per device, that’s how Apple built it.

Thanks Eric. Do any of the alternate sync options help here, perhaps defining a WebDAV location just for her sync store?

Yes, of course, that would work. You can add as many different sync locations as you like.

You could create a WebDAV location for any common databases you and she would share. Additionally, you could have a sync location for just your syncing too.

And this is what I’ve done, a webdav sync location for her on my internet server and my databases syncing via cloudkit. It’s working fine.
Thanks for the guidance.

You’re welcome and thanks for sharing the quality of the experience. Anecdotal info like this is helpful to us (in support and development) as well as to other customers who may be in a similar situation.