DTTG & DTPO notes items not indexing

Here’s my situation:

I have an indexed folder in Dropbox that I access via nVALT on my Mac as well as DTPO. On my iOS devices, I use DTTG as well as a number of Apps such as 1Writer.

The issue I am experiencing is that any note entries created on DTTG or DTPO, are only available to DTTG or DTPO; they are NOT available to nVALT or any of the iOS Apps. On the other hand, ALL notes created in non-DEVONthink Apps on either Mac or iOS are properly indexed and available to ALL apps.

In summary, indexed files created in any DEVONthink App is NOT available on any of my devices in the non-DEVONthink applications.

By default new notes are always internal, you can move them to the external folder on the Mac via the contextual menu.

Is this a limitation of DTTG/DTPO or is there a way to enable ALL new notes to be moved to the external indexed folder? If this is a limitation of DTTG/DTPO, it greatly limitless the usefulness of DTTG/DTPO with regard to editing notes.

That’s currently not possible. However, as DEVONthink To Go 2.1 contains now a document provider, you should be able to edit the documents in any application supporting document providers (or at least iCloud Drive).