DTTG duplicates documents in global inbox


over the last year I had some strange experiences with duplicates in the Global Inbox when syncing to DTTG. The following happens:

During the week I put documents into the Global Inbox of my Mac. The documents are always synced to the sync storage. During the week, I open the DTTG device to review some documents (but not those that are in the Global Inbox).

On Weekend, I move the collected documents (on Mac) from the Global Inbox to the final Devonthink Database. The database on Mac is synced.

Afterwards I open my DTTG device to sync all documents. And in 1 of 10 syncs the documents that I moved away are not removed from the Global Inbox on the DTTG device. But the original document that was moved on Mac is at its final folder in the correct database.

The duplicated files on the DTTG Global Inbox are not synced back to the sync store. However, they stay forever until I delete them manually.

Just to mention, that usually only the metadata of the documents is available. If I click on such a record on DTTG I only see a preview … but are not able to download the document.
But in very rare cases the document is available on DTTG.

In the log file for today the messages are:

Unable to delete file. (6 times; these are the documents that are doubled now)
Unable to upload 6 files (the 6 files who should not reside in the inbox anymore)

Any hints how to solve this issue?

Update: today it is the first time that a duplicated document from Global Inbox of the DTTG document was synced back.

Could you please send us the logs from your device via ? > Contact Us? That might be useful to gain more insight into the issue. Thank you.

Hi, the logfiles are available for ticket #316188