DTTG Find/Search within an Open Document on iPad?

Am I just missing this or is there no Find command in DEVONthink to go? I opened a document in DTTG to find a particular phrase in a long downloaded document but soon realized that I could not locate a Find command in an open document. Is there one? If not, that significantly reduces the usability of DTTG when using the iPad for research and writing because some of my research articles are many pages long.

Are there plans to add the ability to search WITHIN an open document in DTTG?

At this time, only PDFs have in-document search capabilities.
Support for other formats is on our list of future enhancements, but it wasn’t feasible until we released our new text editor in DEVONthink To Go.

Thank you for the quick reply. I am hoping that that capability will come sooner rather than later. :grinning:

You’re welcome!
I can’t give any timeframes but it’s on our endless list of things to do. :smiley:

@Bmosbacker I was sparked to look for myself on this as I never noticed the missing find inside a document. I must be using PDF’s when I needed a find in an open document, or maybe I never found the need.

But I notice that when doing a search from outside a open document (pulling down the search box), the search text is quickly found. DEVONthink ToGo will find text in PDFs, Rich Text, Text, Markdown … (didn’t try to notice any more). And in Help on DEVONthink ToGo there is documentation of the extensive search criteria available.

So while we wait for searching inside an open document (for files other than PDF), there is quite a lot of searching capability already there that can be exploited. Give it a try.


I just tried your suggestion, which helps me find the document with the specific phrase I’m looking for, then if I open the document outside of DTTG I can search within the document. This is a workaround without too much friction. Thanks for the suggestion!