DTTG freezes on synchronisation

I had problems getting a Sync folder on my DTPro, but this problem was resolved by giving the computer a name in Sharing Preferences - suggested in the thread on this topic.
Now, when I open DTTG and press the synchronisation button I get a panel asking me to choose my computer on the network (there’s only the one, and it’s not shown). The application then freezes. The same thing occurs each time I restart the application.
I’d be grateful for any advice.
Angus McPherson

The 1.0 app is currently buggy (I’m sure this will be fixed soon), but if you wish to persist, you may go to the iPad’s Settings, select DevonThink, and set the reset option. Then go through things again. Things may then work. When I’ve used DTTG it has taken me quite a few cycles sometimes before synchronization worked properly. The resetting at the iPad level (not just within the app) seemed to be crucial.

Hi Angus (and others),
The app is not actually frozen. A bug “crept” into our final release that disabled the Cancel button on the sync screen on iPad. This will be addressed in our 1.0.1 release, which we will submit to Apple for review in the next few days. Our apologies for the issue - a fix will be out shortly.

Thanks for this. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, but it seems from Mikekpp’s post that there is a bug, so will have to wait for a fix.
Thanks again