DTTG. Group is treated as a tag. Cannot move files

Hello out there.

Me, german DT/DTTG newbie, has a problem.

DTTG: I create a group, an give it a tag. In this group, I create a subgroup.

However, this subgroup always seems to be treated as a tag (and not as a group). Even if the icon is that of a group. In the information it says Type: Tag (not Type: Group).

Accordingly, it is not possible for me to move files to this subgroup. Only when I delete the tag of the main group, the subgroup is treated as a group and I can move files there.

Is this normal? Do I have a gap in understanding?

Grateful for support and understanding.

This could well be a consequence of a recent performance optimization. Do you have any other troubles with groups being treated as tags? And when you remove the tag from the group, everything works as expected?

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

No. I haven’t noticed any other obvious problems with tagged groups. However, as a new user, I am not yet familiar with the depths and details of DT. In the sense of “what is DT normality and what have I not yet understood.”

So I am now unsure because of the phenomenon described, since I can not assess whether it is a comprehension problem on my part.

And yes. If I remove the tag of the parent group, the subgroup is treated normally as a group and I can move files to it.

Very confusing that the subgroup has the icon of a group, but in the information it says it is a tag (when the parent group is tagged).

If I delete the tag of the parent group, the information of the subgroup then also correctly says that it is a group.

The files cannot be moved to subfolders even within the IOS Files app if the main folder is tagged. Despite the fact that the subfolders are actually there as subfolders.

Thank you for confirming. That is part of how tags are identified internally as tags and groups are technically the same with the exception that tags are groups being a sub-group of the top-level Tags group.

Noted as a bug.

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The info that it is a bug really helped me. Thanks a lot!

Accordingly, I will avoid tagging groups until further notice.

On second thought, maybe it doesn’t even make sense (tagging groups). Just like wearing a belt and suspenders in addition.

We have fixed this issue (by making our optimization a bit smarter) for the next maintenance release.

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What a great support! Thanks a lot for your wonderful work and your reply.

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