DTTG & iAnnotate

I’ll start off by saying that I’m already in love with Devon Think to Go. This is a huge game changer for how I do work.

I’m wondering about marking up pdfs from Devon in iAnnotate. Do the changes get automatically sent back to Devon after I close down iAnnotate? I’ve done this a few times and I don’t see the highlights I made showing up in Devon. Do I need to sync the changes back to my Mac before they show up on the iPad?

The workflow is as follows. In DTTG, select a document, then select the Open In icon, and select iAnnotate from there. The document will open in iAnnotate with a very odd looking file name (its the internal ID of the document on the iPad – more on that later). Do your stuff in iAnnotate. Go to the documents menu in iAnnotate (the little filing cabinet icon in the upper left corner). There, in the document library you should see your document in the right side pane. Use a two-finger double click to make a pop-up menu appear, and in that menu press the gears icon, then in the next menu select Open In… In the iAnnotate Open In menu select DEVONthink (you might need to swipe the Open In menu downward to scroll to see DEVONthink). Your document will then open in DTTG, and you can sync it back to your desktop.

Whew – it reads like an adventure game. :open_mouth:

The obscure file name and all these steps are needed because (a) that’s the way the information architecture of iOS works, and (b) iAnnotate has a very complex menu structure. FWIW, I find the round trip process much easier in GoodReader.

It seems not working with PDF files. IT does not work even with goodReader. Both programs do not show Dttg as an Open in choice. Any solution?

Found: it is not possible to have more than 10 app to open in… So I deleted one and now is working.

Thanks for the idea korm. Does the file that I just edited in iAnnotate and now opened in DTTG end up in the same group as it had originally been in, or do I have to swap out the files when I’m back on my main mac?

Here’s a picture:

The PDF (screen grab of this thread) is in My Project and replicated to Sync. DT is then synchronized to DTTG, where the doc was opened in iAnnotate, marked up, sent back to DTTG, and then synchronized back to the Mac. The document in the My Project and Sync groups in the picture are the same document – replicants – and the annotations are present in each replicant automatically. No need to “swap out the files”.

Voilà :smiley:

Are the marks visible in dttg?

No, unfortunately.

I confirmed. This is very neat. PDF documents are easily out for annotation and in again without any need to manage destination!

For those who look a bit more closely the PDF documents you send to iAnnotate have long names (in iAnnotate) which I guess are unique file ID names (not the document names you usually see in DTPO or DTTG)


The file names are unique identifiers ( UUIDs) assigned by DTTG to keep track of documents being checked in and out of the app.

If the annotations one can make in iAnnotate are not available when synced back to DTTG what’s the point? Why not just read them in DTTG? The great thing about iAnnotate is the ability to annotate; if those annotations do not make it back to DTTG why bother? Of course, one could open in iAnnotate from DTTG; make annotations; email the doc; and then send it to DTPO–or something like that!

Not trying to be cranky but this seems really unfortunate.


When you annotate the pdf and send it back to DTTG, and then sync it to DT on your Mac the annotations come through in DT. Although you can not see them in DTTG, you can in DT.

The question was, are the annotations visible in DTTG. No, they are not. But they are there and they sync back to the desktop just fine, as I showed above.

Excellent. Thank you. I did not know that.

Best wishes


Please also see the DEVONthink To Go FAQ.

Hi Krom,

I’m having trouble figuring out how to move annotated pdfs from iAnnotate to DTTG. Can you tell me again how you did it?


All I could tell you is what I’ve already posted. :neutral_face:

Is there some part of that posting that doesn’t click with you?

Just figured it out (it takes awhile for the old brain pan to get fired up). I was a bit confused from your description. I thought you had to double tap the document selection area in the upper-righthand corner. Instead, at least in version 1.3, you have to double-finger click on the on the file name instead. Now everything is working peachy!

Yeah, took me a few tries before I realized what that action involved in iAnnotate. Maybe they’ll fix that in a later edition, since it’s not all that easy to do with my fat fingers. :wink:

This procedure has not quite worked for me with ReaddleDocs. The annotations do not seem to pass seamlessly from RD to DTTG (actually, it seems to lag by one revision - rather than the current doc, RD seems to send the previous one saved). And the file may be duplicated rather than replaced when synced with DT.

Also, please note that if you change the name of the DTTG file to something more readable, RD will return the file to the Global Inbox. I supposed that counts as a feature.

Note that the strange name change when a document is sent from DT To Go to another app such as iAnnotate is important, as it’s the “placeholder” for the document’s unique Item Link identifier in the DEVONthink database. Changing the name could break links to the document that are dependent on it’s Item Link.