DTTG icon for email records

The icon is incorrect for my .eml records
Kind is correct; Email Message
Does anyone know how to fix this?
2022-02-23 Journal 🟢2022.054 Wednesday !Type-Journal !Journal-NoteDaily

That’s the normal icon in DTTG, at least that’s what I’m seeing too with a test mail (added from Mail.app on mac).

What’s incorrect about it?

*incorrect" was the wrong word - it was confusing to me
This is subjective; I think a better icon for .eml files is something like
Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 21.51.00
And there’s also the icon for formatted note .html files

We created these icons to give DEVONthink To Go a recognizable style. The icon for formatted notes is explicitly not that of an HTML file because it’s something different.

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