DTTG immediate crash, markdown w/ linked images

I have a relatively short markdown document with linked images that is now preventing me from opening DevonThink ToGo by causing an immediate crash.

The previous version of the document has several image links with the details at the end of the document (see below). I added another image that turned out not to be a jpeg (my mistake, it’s a Canon RAW formate file .CR2 extension) and upon tapping on “Done” to exit from editing DTTG crashed. It now crashes whenever I open it AND if I use the Files app to try and view the group that contains the document and the images.

Is there a way to get around this short of deleting DTTG, re-installing and re-syncing?

– Markdown prior to adding incorrect image looks like this –

Family Prayer List



  • Grow his relationship with Cat into a life long love.
  • Good start to new job at U. Chicago and wrapping up work with FERMI lab detector.

My Marriage


  • Fill our marriage with grace and love.



  • Getting older.
  • Loneliness

Steve, Carolyn, Avery and Eleanor Taylor

  • Becoming care takers for Mary Ready.
  • Steve’s relationship with his Dad.


  • Frannie’s new baby boy.
  • Memory and other behavior changes.


[Eleanor]: IMG_2981.jpg “Eleanor w/ Cat” height=300px width=200px
[Dan]: IW7C6624.jpg “Dan” height=200px width=300px
[Us]: wd018wdw1.jpg “Mary and I” height=300px width=200px

Did you create the document, etc. on the Mac or mobile?


I created the markdown document on an iPad, in DTTG 2.6.3 under iOS 11.4.1.

I did a few more experiments before deleting and reloading DTTG last night to gather a bit more information for you guys:

  • I misspoke yesterday about access using Apple’s “Files” app. I could see the group that I created and all the files in the group. I tried deleting the group using “Files” which succeeded, but did not stop DTTG from crashing on startup.
  • What I had been trying was to open the markdown doc using “1Writer”. That caused the file provider (?) to crash and the group to vanish from the open file view in “1Writer” immediately after opening the group.
  • Thankfully, the version of what I had been working on had not yet sync’d, so I was able to simply delete, re-install and reload my databases via sync. I sync using iCloud which works just fine for me.
  • I had been putting the file extension on the markdown link directives but I noticed that I can leave them off. If I recall correctly I added a photo with the name, IW7C5242.jpg, however the file had a cr2 (Canon RAW) extension. The CR2 file is viewable on DevonThink Pro Office on my Mac.

I hope some of that is helpful! Thanks again for such a terrific product.

Yes, it’s good info for us to look at. So, if I understand correctly, you are back in business?

Yes, I am.

However, it took deleting DTTG from my iPad, re-installing it and then re-syncing my databases to get going again.

/me nods