DTTG info on web site?

Hi Devonians-

I’m not yet a DTTG user. Checking it out on the App Store, I see there’s a pro pack. The App Store page doesn’t indicate what features are associated with the pro pack. Okay, I’ll just check the DevonTech web site. But I can’t find any DTTG info on the site, apart from a press release that says, “Some features require a one-time in-app purchase.” A Google search turns up links to info on the web site, but they are all now 404s, like this one: DTTG feature comparison.

Where does one go now to find info about DTTG? And if there’s nothing online for now (site design misstep?), would someone explain what the pro package adds?


I suggest you get it, it’s only $10 more, I believe. Like buying a sandwich and drinks.

Pro Package.

Unlocks the following features:

Document provider extension, space saving synchronization that downloads content on demand; PDF annotations; support for additional document formats (email messages, sheets)

I like the Space-saving synchronization you can literally go from 5GB of data to 500MB. Just download the content you really need. Basically, choose what you want to download on the go.

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Speaking of the download on command feature; since I use iCloud to sync between phone and iPad does it store the rest of the documents/files in iCloud until I download them to my device?


Practically speaking, yes. But technically speaking, no.
The sync data for the contents of the files are stored in the sync location and can be downloaded on demand.

This is not to be pedantic, but it’s to mitigate misunderstandings. As noted in our FAQ (and in many other places on these forums)

The sync data is chunked, DEVONthink-specific raw data about the databases and is only useful to DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go.

This means you cannot go into a sync location and pick out a file here and there. Just to be clear. :slight_smile: