DTTG issue with the Info popover

Is anyone else having an issue with the Info popover in DTTG post iOS 11 upgrade on the iPad Pro (I have an iPad Pro 12.9)? When I try to update or edit the metadata in the popover, it will invariably disappear when I touch the keyboard to make the relevant update or edit. I do not have this issue on my iPhone 7 Plus which is also running iOS 11. I’m running DTTG version 2.3 on both devices.

Many thanks in advance.

This should be address in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Jim - just checking if there is any update with fixing the issue with the info popover in DTTG on the iPad Pro? I can work around this issue by making amendments in the info screen on my iPhone, but it would be great to be able to easily do this on the iPad.

Many thanks

Good to know this isn’t just me - very annoying.

I cannot find a way to add tags to items generated on my 12.9", and attempts to rename a file is is quite the colourful language exercise… 8)

We do have this on the RADAR but couldn’t reproduce it here in the labs. It just doesn’t happen and we have no idea why it actually should happen.

Could you send me email (eboehnisch(at)devontechnologies.com) and we’ll try to add some logging that might help us shed light on this issue?

It certainly doesn’t happen frequently, but is ridiculously annoying when it does appear! I have just tried now, with some files, and cannot get it to do the same, either.

When/if it happens again, I will use the iOS screen-capture tool, and make a quick recording of it, and then send it through - to take things from there.

eboehnisch wrote:

Thanks Eric - I have sent you an email. The issue I have only seems to affect DTTG when I am using it in my work environment (not when I am at home) and so I wonder if that has something to do with it. The only difference in my work set up (other than my internet connection) is that I use a Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 with my iPad.

I have investigated the info popover issue a bit more and it only seems to occur when I am using DTTG in landscape mode. If I turn the screen so I am using the screen in portrait mode, the issue goes away. In landscape, it makes no difference whether or not the side bar is visible - the issue persists.

Cassady - can you check to see if your issues with the info popover in DTTG only occurs in landscape mode? Perhaps this is why you only encounter the issue periodically?

My bluetooth keyboard appears to be an innocent bystander. The info popover issue occurs whether or not the keyboard is powered up and/or linked by Bluetooth to the iPad.

Just tried, and nothing happening this side, by the looks of things.
Did it with my Smart Keyboard attached, and without - with and without the sidebar.

That said, your point about it happening when you are at work, has me thinking. I certainly recall it happening to me there, but cannot think whether this also happened at home. Will give it a go a bit later today, and see… Might be something to do with new files having been added - and then wanting to change their names etc., with a “different” wifi network being involved in the sync process?

Regardless, will have a look - and try and capture footage as soon as/if it happens.

A sync happening at the same time could be a cause.