DTTG links in PDF- documents

this link works perfect in a PDF-document on my Mac, but not on the Iphone(Ipad.
is this normal?
Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-08 um 13.37.47.pdf (15.6 KB)


This is actually not a real link but just text. On the Mac the system’s data detectors recognize this if enabled and make the text clickable.

Hi tkm for this, how can I make it clickable. When import this file to acrobat reader it works perfect even in other pdf-readers

E.g. by adding a link annotation to the document. See either Link item of editing bar or select the text and then use Add Link… or Link To in the contextual menu on the Mac.

I’m not seeing this link working perfectly. It appears to only be picking up the protocol and the first part of the UUID, up to the first dash.

no, it is working perfect on the Imac, in DT3 and in Preview and in Adobe Acrobat 2017. But not in DTTG-

Did you do OCR on the file you posted?

yes i did

Interesting - so did I and I end up with this…

this was a screenshot. The link looked like this

Right - and I’m saying after OCR that’s the only part of the link that worked with the data detector.

ok understood, but even when highlight the complete link and use the service open URL does not work.