Dttg markdown settings

in dttg markdown settings I can enter my CSS stylesheet. Have I understood it correctly, that’s not possible to enter a css: item link to an existing csd stylesheet file there similar to the DTP settings?

That should be possible as it’s a feature of the MD processor.

adding css: item link in a markdown document also works in dttg. but adding css: item link in the stylesheet field in markdown settings of dttg does not work, the linked stylesheet is not applied then to my marldown documents.

Are you literally using css: x-devonthink-item://xxx in the preference field? That can’t work. Simply using the itemlink itself does, provided the item is available in DTTG.

wow - perfect! using the item link works perfectly in dttg markdown settings (without the css: prefix).

Same as in DT, btw

you are absolutely right, but in DT it was absolutely clear, that only a link can be provided. In DTTG a whole code window is shown, therefore I erroneously assumed that I have to enter directly a CSS code, and therefore as in a CSS stylesheet I have entered CSS: followed by the item link. Now everything seems so obvious and clear for me. But I didn’t try it before you suggested it. At least in the German version the description of the markdown settings field is not really clear to me - maybe this can be improved @BLUEFROG , e.g. “Geben Sie entweder einen CSS Stylesheet Code oder ansonsten direkt einen Devonthink-Itemlink für ein CSS Stylesheet ein” (maybe this has to be improved in order to be clear for everyone, therefore just regard it as a suggestion, maybe a German speaking person of your team can help).

That is not valid CSS syntax. It’s only valid in MD documents.

can shed some more light.

thank you so much!