DTTG Message: Kommunikation mit der Hilfs-App nicht möglich

Since some time, there is occasionally the following message appearing:
“Kommunikation mit der Hilfs-App nicht möglich.”
So, the englisch message would something like
“Communication with support app not possible.”
See attached screenshot.

I am using iOS 16.0.2 and DTTG 3.5.7

Hmm, this is not directly a message from DEVONthink To Go itself but presumably indirectly initiated by iOS itself. Does it still happen after a device reboot?

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I think, I had shut down the iPhone two days ago, but I am right now rebooting it again.
I will get back, if the message reappears.

So, I assume, it is not critical.

@HerbI always get the message displayed in the last few days when using the Shortcuts app (Siri Shortcut).

This should be an error in iOS 16.

Thank your for sharing your experience.

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