DTTG not syncing with DevonThink 3?

Am I correct in thinking that DTTG doesn’t sync the inbox any more with the DevonThink 3 inbox? Is this normal pending an update to the iphone app or is something wrong with my DTTG app?

Thank you

All databases including the inbox can be still synchronized. Are you able to successfully verify the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync)?

When I open DTTG on my iphone and go to preferences, SYNC, Locations it is connecting correctly to the correct devonthink sync database in Dropbox. It is the same location that the main mac apps are using.
But if I, for example, visit a web page in safafri on my phone and click the ‘share’ button at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘clip to devonthink’ icon, although that clips correctly to the DTTG app, and places the link to the site in the inbox, that link doesn’t appear in the inbox of Devonthink 3, it only appears in the Devonthink 2 inbox (devonthink office pro).

Likewise, if I place something in the inbox of Devonthink 3, it doesn’t appear in the inbox of Devonthink 2 and vice versa.
Not sure what to check to fix this?

Is the inbox of version 3 synchronized via exactly the same sync location?

I don’t believe this - it’s all just started working! :-):grinning:
Honestly, it completely wasn’t a few days ago. Typical!
Thank you for your help - who knows, perhaps opening the sync location on my phone prompted something to update and make it link up to DevonThink 3?

Thank you for your quick responses though - super helpful :smiley:

Is this an iCloud sync?

No, dropbox. Do you think it will make a difference? I could switch to icloud if that is considered a better option.

Do you think it will make a difference? I could switch to icloud if that is considered a better option.

Could it make a difference? Sure, but it would also prove or resolve nothing about the current situation… though I’m glad it’s working now.

And no, I would not consider either to be “a better option”.

How big are the databases, as reported in File > Database Properties for each?

The biggest ones are 1.3 gb and 4.5 gb, though the latter doesn’t have a lot of change happening in it, just the odd document.

And are you having issues syncing both these databases or just the larger one?

Hi there,
Neither, it was items in the global inbox which weren’t syncing. It all seems to be working fine now though, after going into the settings on the iphone and checking the location. I only have the one sync location but clearly checking it made something refresh and connect to the new devonthink 3 inbox, which it definitely wasn’t doing before.

after going into the settings on the iphone and checking the location.

Do you mean enabling syncing the Global Inbox in DEVONthink To Go?

I also have severe issues with iCloud sync and the combination of DT3 and DDTG. It won’t find all my databases anymore. iCloud sync between DT3 and DT2 works fine but DTTG is a mess. Any recommendations? Thank you!

Edit: Another major issue: It seems to sync some databases but in the end they are totally empty in DTTG. Not even placeholder files for download-on-demand.

In DEVONthink To Go 2, select Help > Contact Us to start a Support Ticket.

Mine has stopped synching yet again.

Then you should start a support ticket. Thanks.

No, not enabling - it was already enabled. I just clicked through from ‘edit locations’ , checked that the databases I wanted synced were selected, and clicked back. This ‘refresh’ seemed to be enough to make it work. Bear in mind that it was only the inbox that I was seeing not being synced, not the databased themselves. They might have been affected but I don’t know - I was only looking at the inboxes of the various databases. Hope that helps.