DTTG on iPhone consumes 10GB, but the sum of all databaes is less than 3GB

Hi there

I’m changing sync providers at the moment (from box.com to Dropbox). While deleting and re-importing databases I noticed some strange size discrepancy:

I have 8 databases on my iPhone (synchronized with DEVONthink for Mac). When I long-tap each database and then select *Info I get the following sizes:

Database Size
archived 20 MB
computer 413 MB
devontest 14 MB
evernoteIncomming 328 MB
general 1.1 GB
juliaandleo 356 MB
personal 22 MB
study 42 MB
Sum 2.3 GB

However, when I look in the iPhone’s Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage I find:

DEVONthink: 10.1 GB

Why is that?

Well, now, 2 days later the iPhone’s Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage is down to:

DEVONthink: 3.3 GB

(I had deleted another database - and the deletion of its docments must ahve taken quite some times without any UI indicaton…)

Anyway, still 2.3 GB and 3.3 is quite a difference?

How can this be explained?

Thumbnails and Spotlight metadata also account for the space used by DEVONthink To Go.

Makes sense. Thanks.

No problem.