DTTG opens formatted notes in Evernote


I just downloaded DTTG and synced on of my low volume databases to it. The database contains several documents imported from Evernote: PDFs and formatted notes. While PDFs and some of the formatted notes work, most formatted notes get opened in Evernote. Which means: I tap on the note in DTTG and it instantly launches Evernote with the same note. It think DTTG prefers the URL, which points to the original Evernote document, which obviously is not the intended behavior.

Of course, this renders the app completely useless, since most of my documents are imported from Evernote and therefore have the Evernote url in the Metadata.


You could use this script to remove the references:

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set theSelection to the selection
	repeat with theRecord in theSelection
		if the URL of theRecord begins with "evernote:" then set the URL of theRecord to ""
	end repeat
end tell

Of course. But I like to keep these links. I did move the notes in Evernote to the trash but did not delete them. In any case in which I might see in a few months that one note was not imported correctly I can still open this note with the stored URL and correct the data which I could not to when I now remove the links.

The question is, why does DTTG react to these formatted notes like they would be bookmarks?

That’s a bug of DEVONthink To Go 1.x, it should ignore these URLs. However, the next maintenance release of DEVONthink will filter such references before sending them to DEVONthink To Go.