DTTG pagination for clipping PDFs?

I love that DTTG provides a clutter-free option, but (unless I’m missing something) it doesn’t appear to provide a pagination option for clipping PDFs.

Am I overlooking something or does this option not exist yet? If it’s the latter, is there some workaround solution that would provide pagination when clipping PDFs?


Any joy?

The way the clutter-free mechanism works, pagination isn’t possible at this time.

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Gotcha. Thanks for your reply.

Well, I’d like to put that down for a feature request! Thanks so much…

Does anyone have hack solutions that I can use in the meantime?


Why do you need this content to be paginated?

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Oh, it’s so much easier to read paginated files. I often use DTTG on my iPhone and iPad to clip articles. But when I used the PDF clutter free option, it produces this long, skinny file that I have to expand to fit my screen in order to read properly. It doesn’t appear that way on DTP for MacOS, but that’s sort of the default file format for nearly all of my clipped files in DTTG / iOS.

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Well, a colleague reminded me that I can select “Print” in iOS, which can go through the process of paginating files for future PDF clipping. It’s not a perfect solution, and doesn’t work every time, but generally seems to achieve what I’m aiming to accomplish through paginating PDF files for DTTP clipping.

Hope that helps other users!