DTTG PDF Highlight Colors Displaying Incorrectly

I use Highlights (highlightsapp.net) to annotate PDF files. I open the PDF files directly in the Highlights iCloud file menu, navigating the DTTG database hierarchy to open the PDF file. However, when I save the file, the highlighted colors do not all represent themselves accurately. If I load the same PDF in DEVONthink 3 on Mac, the colors are correct. They are also correct if I load the PDF in PDF Expert on iOS or another app. See pictures below and attached PDF. Does DTTG have a more limited range of color choices than the other apps, and somehow defaults to the “closest” color?

Thanks so much for any suggestions/help! xcode.pdf (175.7 KB)

What do you see when you open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat on the Mac?

@eboehnisch thanks for the reply. everything looks as it should in Adobe Acrobat on Mac.

Thanks so much!

Thank you, we’ll forward this to the developers of the PDF engine.

Thank you!