DTTG Reading List missing items

I have been using the DT3 reading list on my macbook as a “read it later” tool. Recently I decided to start using my iPad to read the list instead. To my surprise, the reading list on the iPad (DTTG) doesn’t contain the same into. For example, I currently have 25 items (all marked unread) in my DT3 reading list. DTTG says “Reading List…25” in the left panel under smart groups, but when I click in to the reading list with “all items” showing, there are only a few (7 at the moment). 3 are bold, the other 4 are gray and don’t show anything when I click on them. I suspect I have a syncing problem somewhere but can’t seem to find it. Anybody have any clues where I should look?

old news. developers on it.

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Great. Thanks for the pointer.