DTTG repeatedly duplicating items

I am struggling to use DTTG as a result of the bug which repeatedly duplicates items with a popup up saying ‘X item(s) added and converted’. These items only appear in my DTTG databases, not the desktop ones, despite syncing via iCloud. And even going and manually deleting every item (that I can find) does not seem to get rid of the problem; they just come back, including after emptying the trash. I found a forum thread on what seems to be the same problem, with an assurance that it would be fixed in the next update.

Is there any workaround to stop this from happening in the meantime?

I have a major document review project to complete in the next week, and find DTTG nearly irreplaceable for working with iPad and pencil for such tasks. But it is totally unusable at the moment, with a constant stream of popups.

Further or alternately, is there any timeframe within which we might expect an official bugfix on this?

Sorry that my first forum post is a gripe. This is a wonderful system, which has become an indispensable part of my work, and I appreciate the hard work and thought that goes into it.

Welcome to the forum.

Can you please provide a link back to this forum thread?

Also, what versions of MacOS, iOS, DEVONthink, and DEVONthink To Go are you currently running?

Can’t post links, but it is in this forum titled ‘Repetitive notification about items being added and converted’

But please ignore my rambling…just checked and there’s been a DTTG update that should fix the problem. Will report back if it persists, but I am optimistic. Thanks for the nudge to do so!

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Sorry to say, update hasn’t worked. Well, not entirely. The items are still duplicating, but the popup about items being ‘added and converted’ isn’t coming up, however, so it’s much more usable, just have a gazillion unread items (derived from 2 webclips, one a PDF, the other a bookmark) showing up in the global inbox. And it doesn’t seem to happen when Devonthink is open on the Mac, just when iPad is being used on its own (but I’m not 100% sure on this behaviour).

Software/OS versions as per previous request:

MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1; Devonthink 3.9.6
iPadOS 17.5.1; DTTG 3.8.3

So they are no longer duplicating like tribbles but just once per item? What should happen is that you clip something and a bookmark-like document is created in DEVONthink To Go. This is then converted and the temporary bookmark deleted.

Tribbles is a very apt metaphor! They’re duplicating at about 1 every couple of seconds, it’s just that the popup about items being ‘added and converted’ isn’t appearing anymore.

With some more testing, have confirmed it is not related to whether or not Devonthink is open on the Mac. But command-tab switching out of DTTG and back in seems to stop it, i.e. it is only on first opening the app (have repeated a few times and confirmed). At least that provides something of a workaround, but something’s obviously still going wrong.

And it’s despite deleting all instances of the files (including the bookmarks); they came back out of nowhere. The items also don’t show on the desktop version despite syncing.


Can you send us a copy of the log files, the easiest way to do this is to press the ? button and select the contact us option. In the email could you add for the attention of Alan.