DTTG’s compatibility issues on iPad with external monitor and keyboard

Sometimes I mirror my iPad Pro (first generation) screen to an external monitor via a USB-C to DisplayPort converter, and connect a bluetooth keyboard for typing. I noticed that DTTG seems to have some compatibility issues working under this setup.

There are two problems I’ve encountered sofar.

  1. It seems as long as my iPad is connected to a monitor, in DTTG the share menu of the document pane stops working (red circle in the screenshot below). Clicking the share button won’t pop up share menu anymore. As soon as I unplugged the converter dongle, the share menu works again. I’ve tested some other apps including Safari and PDF Expert under the same setting they don’t manifest the same issue.

  2. When DTTG is the active application, pressing cmd + tab of external keyboard doesn’t trigger app switcher, as it does in other applications.

I’m not sure if any of us in here have the hardware for that setup, so I can’t say anything specifically on the first point.
We are looking at the second issue but it’s unclear where the problem may lie.

Really? I must say I’m a bit surprised because in the last 5 years Apple exclusively sells MBP models that requires at least a USB-C cable to work with external monitor, except for the newest model just released this very month. (Unless you lucky guys are still using the old form factor with HDMI port. :wink:) And any such USB-C cable should work for iPad with USB-C port.

I’m not using an external monitor with any of my four MacBook Pros. Not everyone uses an external monitor with a laptop :slight_smile:

Oh I see. Sorry for my assumptions.

No worries at all. It turns out one of us has similar hardware so we should be able to check the issue out. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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