DTTG search and open right away?

I have a question on search in DTTG. Right now if I search for a term, DTTG shows me a list of found documents w/o pointing how many times the item was found and there in the document it is. I.e. let us say I search for “GDPR”, it will tell me there are 20 documents with term. But then I need to click on every document and search again inside it to find the occurrences of the search item. I wonder if I miss something and/or why it is like that?
Obviously search on the DT is exception and DT points me to all the occurrences of the item in the doc where I can click through them. It also highlights the found elements.
To the argument that macOS != IOS, other apps I use like Goodnotes or notebooksapp actually do point me to all the pages where my search item is in the document with appropriate highlighting in the document, at least this works for pdfs, rtf, md, etc.

I there a chance to get a similar behaviour in DTTG? Ideal flow is exactly that - search for a word and bring me to a point in the document with one tap analogue to DT on MAC

or Goodnotes (as an example):

There is only in-document searching of PDFs at this time, and that is controlled by the PDF framework we employ. The request is noted however.

Thanks. I think it is essential to support not only PDF documents but actually all types of documents which might end up in DTTG - at least PDF, markdown and RTF.
Ideal flow would be analogue to DT version: search for a term, select a search result and then be able to click thru all appearances of the search term in the selected result.

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