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Somehow this is something I haven’t had to do until recently but I’ve been getting expense report items in a few methods (emailed PDFs, emailed rich text (I think) formatted receipts, text links to web receipts, texted PDFs, scanned in from QuickScan etc).
It’s all a bit of a mess that I try to wrangle on the go. DT/DTTG is great for corralling this chaos. I handle the naming of all this with a few Shortcuts and keeping the names and dates straight but they don’t always end up in the same folder. That’s a “me problem” I know. But here’s a small sticking point - if I search for a vendor name I can find the two or three items that need to be merged into one PDF but they’re not always in exactly the same place. (Usually db Inbox or db root).
From the search results I can’t merge selected search results or move selected search results to the same place.
I can see how merging two PDFs located in different groups would be hard to handle (how would the app know where to put the result) but moving two or three items to the same place seems do-able, even if one of them is already there.
I hope that makes sense.

I have a similar problem with multiple records for the same expense item
Instead of “merged into one pdf”,
I use a folder for each expense item; I only deal with “move”
The item folder is tagged with the vendor, date, amount, budget category

From the search results I can’t … move selected search results to the same place

The move function works fine; I have trouble selecting the destination

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I’m not seeing any move option other than trash