DTTG search results display

iOS XR fully updated.
Doing a search for tags, let’s say, the results are displayed as two columns of large “icons” for each result. The titles are cut off and there’s no way to see other info except the creation date (I think).

Is there a way to have the results be more text oriented, like a list, maybe to see other tags, annotations or source folder?

The large square icons don’t tell me much other than file format and unreadable dimmed text content of the file.

A screenshot would be useful, thanks.

That is the Grid view (see ? > Help > Manage Items > Use the Grid View).

I gather from reading the Help entry that Grid view is the only way to view search results, correct?

Going by this screen grab from my iPhone XR, there is a lot of “uninformative” space taken up in this view. I couldn’t tell you why the fourth row, right hand side icon has visible text and the top 6 don’t.
I think that file is longer than the others but the top two files are also rich text files and show their text as black on grey in this search results window.

I’ve redacted the titles but you can tell that any long titles would be cut off by staying within the bounds of the thumbnail box. This is one reason why a list view would be more helpful or at least a view where the thumbnail was screen wide and the title and creation date was also that long.

I create text notes mostly on iPhone, iPad and sometimes MacOS. Most of the MacOS files I create are web archives and PDFs from research. I’ve got a pretty good workflow going (Dump it all into the Global Inbox, then edit, sort, and tag it as required and time allows) and and this is one admittedly minor hitch in being able to organize the torrent of information I am gathering and do that organizing wherever I am when that mood strikes me, phone, tablet or desktop. So count this as a request for a list view with more information visible and keep up the good work.

No that’s incorrect.
In fact, search results are only shown in the item list, not in Grid view. Did you do a search and tap the item count next to a found group?

Related question: is there any way to change the sorting order of the search results?

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Currently, no. It’s in our list of potential enhancements but nothing concrete is planned.

Aah. I think I’ve figured this out.
All it took was for me to actually read that text that shows up before you enter a search term for me to get what I want.
On my phone, with the test searches I was running it didn’t look like there was scrollable results below what was visible on the screen. Once I figured out adding “tags:” to the search term I got what I was looking for.
Now to figure out how to use the search list view and the drag and drop of grid view to speed up my organizing/tagging workflow on the phone and iPad. It really feels, to me, like a good use of those small time fragments to get some tidying up work that I never want to do when I’m sitting at a desk.
Thanks again.

You’re welcome and yes, using a search prefix, e.g., tags: can help focus a search.