Option to display tapped search result as item list

Continuing the discussion from DTTG search results display:

I found that discussion while i was searching through the forum.
Personally I dont get any value from a grid view. In every app i use i never use it since especially on the phone it just takes too much space and for me it’s harder to scan through the items in a grid view.
What I’d like to ask for is either a general switch in the settings of the app (or with an advanced setting via a URL scheme) to completely turn off the grid view in any place of the app
or at least let me enable the item list somehow when i tap on a search result. I don’t know why this should be a different behaviour than when I normally navigate through my database. If I tap on the item count i can view the contents in a grif view, but if i tap on the name of e.g. the group, its contents are displayed as item list.


That’s simply a bug. Noted.

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Oh :sweat_smile: I thought this was intended…

As mentioned completely turning off the grid view would be a nice addition for me even if that bug is fixed

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Because you sometimes accidentally tap the item count?

yes, which means i need to tap and go back to just select the same item again tapping on the name :slight_smile:

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So… don’t tap the item count :wink:

Great suggestion…

I don’t know what you want to achieve with that reply!?

I just took time to suggest a feature which I‘d find useful. If these requests aren’t welcome there shouldn’t be a category for that kind of stuff.

Please don’t take Jim’s tongue-in-cheek reply too personal. We’re trying to keep a somewhat relaxed tone here. Anyway, I understand your problem but we had to find a way to give access to the grid view. And we wouldn’t want to introduce another settings option, ending up with an Airbus cockpit eventually. Your idea is noted and we’ll see if it annoys other customers too.

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a rellaxed tone is no problem for me - but “hints” which are not usefully in any way from the support team is something I never experienced :wink: especially if the UI is designed that it is easily possible to accidently tap the icon count. It is not clear that tapping the count would open a different view than tapping the item anywhere else. additionally the most likely items are sorted to the top. since I’m only using the right thumb to tap the result, it is even more likely that I accidently tap the count. That’s why I “striked” back.

Thanks for noting the request - I understand that too many settings aren’t something you want to achieve of course.