DTTG shortcut - open random file from vault or folder?

There are some shortcuts to save files into DTTG. But they are not so many to access files in the DTTG.

I would like to have a shortcut that will open a random file from the folder or vault I will point to.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to implement that?

This is really good for discoverability - I have a database with many pdf, with choosing randomly I have more chance to re-discover pdfs I saved long ago, also I don’t need to decide what I will be reading today

EDIT: Solved!

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With “.pdf” I am still getting saved html opened, how I can get condition that only specific extension wil open?

Try using the search prefix kind:pdf.

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For those interested, with Data Jar I am able to open the latest opened file too (I store the name of the file, then I could use another shortcut to open it if I want)

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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I was about to start a new thread to query my own shortcut but this one is very close so I’m going to hijack it instead, I hope that’s ok. (In fact it’s quite possible this thread was inspiration for my own script, I can’t remember where I got the idea.)

I decided to change my shortcut slightly, but my change has not worked. I no longer want to restrict “kind” to pdf, as I have too many markdown files that deserve to be surfaced too. My change is not quite working properly.

The shortcut runs, but it’s opening a random group, not an item.

Is that because I set “kind” to “any” so “groups” count? If that’s the case, do I need to set something like “kind is not group”?

Or is it perhaps because my files are indexed and not downloaded? So the shortcut can’t actually open a file? (Although the pdf script worked before so I’m not sure it’s that?)

kind:any doesn’t currently work as any document as it does in DEVONthink.

Hi Jim, sorry, I don’t understand your reply. I don’t really know how these scripts work. In the DT manual it says the search “Kind” supports “any”, so is this the bit I got wrong?

I actually see now that it allows “kind:group” so I assume I need to exclude this?

In the DT manual it says the search “Kind” supports “any”

Where are you seeing this?

Ahh well I’ve now realised I made a mistake because I’m looking in the DT manual, not DTTG. But anyway it’s on p229, in the wrong manual…

“Kind:any” is not a search function in the DTTG manual. :expressionless: It would really help if I read the correct manual when experimenting with things I don’t understand…

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Haha! No worries. :relaxed: