DTTG Shortcut to save bookmark to specific pre-set Group

I am trying to create an iPhone Shortcut which uses the share sheet to save a bookmark to a specific DT3/DTTG group. The group would be the same each time so presumably its name or UUID it would be part of the shortcut.

I am not sure how to specify the Group. There is no way for me to define a name or UUID. Rather selecting the word Group while editing the shortcut brings up a search box. Presumably that is intended to search within DTTG for the desired destination group. But any search I do always comes up blank.


Sure there is. It’s the Get Item DEVONthink To Go action.

PS: I wouldn’t choose Any in the input.


That works - thank you

What are the 6 types of input you recommend other than Safari web pages?

It wasn’t very intentional actually. :slight_smile:

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