DTTG stalls when opening a second PDF item in a new window using iOS split view

On my iPad (iPad Pro second generation, iPadOS 16.1.1) I often want to look into two PDFs the same time.
So, one PDFs is open and I open a second PDF with the option to view in split screen.
DTTG freezes for about 8 seconds and the home screen of iOS appears.
Starting DTTG again shows the split view but it does not show the previous items.
So, I have to open the items again. At least, then it works.
This is pretty much happening every time I start a split view session.
Beside that, I experience every then and now that DTTG freezes for some seconds.

Thank you for the feedback! The upcoming version 3.6.3 which will fix this issue is unfortunately still reviewed by Apple.

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