DTTG stalls when opening a second PDF item in a new window using iOS split view

On my iPad (iPad Pro second generation, iPadOS 16.1.1) I often want to look into two PDFs the same time.
So, one PDFs is open and I open a second PDF with the option to view in split screen.
DTTG freezes for about 8 seconds and the home screen of iOS appears.
Starting DTTG again shows the split view but it does not show the previous items.
So, I have to open the items again. At least, then it works.
This is pretty much happening every time I start a split view session.
Beside that, I experience every then and now that DTTG freezes for some seconds.

Thank you for the feedback! The upcoming version 3.6.3 which will fix this issue is unfortunately still reviewed by Apple.

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The issue is not yet solved - version 3.6.4 :worried:

I am seeing no issue in DEVONthink To Go 3.6.1 on iPadOS 16.3.1.
Does this happen with particular PDFs?

Here is what consistently happens, when I need to look at PDFs at the same time (split screen):
• I open DTTG (one window)
• Navigate to the PDF of interest and open it.
• I select the second PDF of interest and open it with the option “In neuen Fenster öffnen”
• DTTG freezes for about 8 seconds and stalls to the home screen
• I open DTTG again and it appears in split screen (two windows)
• I have to navigate again to file of interest (DTTG lost the position) and open it.
• I do the same with the same file in the second window.

So, if DTTG is open with two windows, every works fine. But If I start with a single window, opening the second PDF crashes the system.

I just verified this behaviour three times while picking random PDFs.

I am using DTTG 3.6.4 and iPadOS 16.1.1
There is already 16.4 out, but I usually wait until the xx.x.1 version is out.

I’m using DEVONthink ToGo 3.6.4, iOS 16.4

I see slightly different behaviour. No crashes, but on opening the second document “in a new window”, instead nothing happens for say 3-5 seconds and presents the DEVONthink ToGo Home screen not the document, then “freezes” for while and stalls. Hard to describe.

I never tried the Open in New Window menu before (that I remember) so never noticed this.

Thank you for confirming the strange behaviour.
Indeed, you are wright, I missed to mention that during the freeze state the DTTG Home screen appears in the new window.

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  • Have you opened a support ticket on this?
    • If not, on DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Please include a link to this forum thread.