DTTG Sync failing.

Gang, I haven’t been able to sync new databases with DTTG for a while. It hasn’t been critical until now though…

Anyway, it starts to sync, and about halfway through, DTTG crashes to springboard. Nothing on the display, just dead. Over on my Mac, it still thinks it’s syncing, and I have to stop it.

In the crash reporter on the iPhone/iPad, it just says ‘unknown crash’, and lists DTTG as the largest process.

In the console on the Mac, it has this:
10/4/13 1:28:11.945 PM DEVONthink Pro[5304]: setData: Record type not supported.
The only thing I can think of is I have some .mp3 files in the database…

Any ideas?

Well, on the Mac I just removed all the .mp3 files from the mobile sync…all that’s left are pdfs.

And I’ve run database repair.

This is unfortunate.

It’s possible it’s DTTG, it’s possible it’s something else. As this is generally a how-to forum, for focused repairs I suggest opening a ticket directly with Support. Provide specifics as to operating system(s), editions and versions of DEVON products, logs (if available), and steps taken to cause and/or resolve the sync problem.

I finally got it working, I had to delete all the mp3s, quicktime videos, etc. It looks like anything that’s pretty large (say over 30megs) is causing sync to fail. I’ll open a ticket with support though…