DTTG sync is very slow

I’m loving DT on the Mac! It’s so fast, and search is fantastic.

DTTG though, is a different story. It’s taking a long time to get information from DT to DTTG on my iPhone. I’m using Dropbox. Both DT and DTTG are updated to latest version.

Today, for example, I added a few things to my Global Inbox. A few files in the morning, and then one file just after noon. All files were small text/RTF docs. When I looked at DTTG around 1:30pm, none of the new files were available. I swiped down to get a sync going… and after a few minutes (of various syncs starting/stopping), the files for the morning finally popped in the Global Inbox. The file that I put in to DT after noon came in to DTTG around 1:45pm - 15 minutes after I started syncing DTTG.

This is repeatable behavior. Overall, the feel of the app (when it comes to syncing) is slow, inconsistent, and mushy.

I want to be able to make a note or add a file in one place and have it sync within a minute to the other place. Is this possible?

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Either you have sync errors, slow/unresponsive remote servers, or have syncing set to Manual.

There is no way we can guarantee that with a remote sync location, like Dropbox. For one, on Automatic, sync runs on an interval of 30-45 seconds after a change and up to 4.5 minutes of idle time. Two, any remote sync location has inherent weaknesses due to network conditions and server responses.

Sure. But I’d like to believe these syncs can move a 40kb file from A to B in less than 15 minutes.

I’m not using manual sync - it’s automatic.

How can I troubleshoot this?

Also, does DTTG sync in the background? It seems like it only syncs after I open the app… and wait.

Appreciate the help.

Again, assuming you have no sync errors (look for a triangle in the sync icon of DTTG), we cannot account for the reachability or reliability of any cloud service or remote servers (which DO have downtime, lags, and even employ bandwidth throttling measures). In fact, a few days ago we had several tickets about sync issues with a major cloud service in Europe, issues that had nothing to do with sync, but were problems with the servers.
So yes, if there are no sync errors (and usually there aren’t) and all is well in the network and servers, the file would sync as expected.

Background refresh is possible but controlled by iOS, not us. iOS decides if and when to allow a refresh (sync) when the app is in the background, but also terminates the process as it sees fit too.

If you think there’s a sync issue, it’s best to check for the triangle in the sync icon in DTTG or check Window > Log in DEVONthink.

Thanks for the reply.

I have yet to see a triangle on the sync icon of DTTG. I’ll keep an eye on the log in DT as well, but no errors as I’m syncing this morning.

I have to say — I don’t know if there is a sync issue. That’s why I’m spending my time asking for help here in this forum! The product is certainly taking more time than I’d prefer.

Some more info:

  • I am on a 100Mbps fiber connection and use Dropbox daily for business, moving 300mb files (or larger) to Dropbox and back, both on my Mac and the iPhone. No issues. It’s certainly faster than DTTG.

  • As others have reported, syncing changes in DTTG to DT is fast. Syncing changes in DT to DTTG is very slow.

  • I just noticed a strange behavior. Last night in DT I created a bunch of new HTML files in a pre-existing Group. I then decided I’d prefer that those HTML files were Bookmarks, so I deleted them and made new Bookmarks. I then made a new child Group and copied all of the Bookmarks to the new Group. This morning, I open up DTTG — and as expected, it was out of sync. The sync began rather quickly this time (!). However, I then watched as DTTG populated the parent Group with HTML files (which I had removed)… and then watched them disappear… then watched the Bookmarks come in… then watched them disappear as the new child Group folder appeared and they eventually landed there. It was as if it was copying my moves, in order, from the night before… not syncing current status. What do you think?

And three more questions:

  • Would iCloud sync offer better reliability?

  • Would iCloud sync offer better background syncing?

  • What more can I tell you?



Curious if anyone might have some suggestions for speeding up sync.

Also really interested to know more about the sync behavior I mentioned in the last post!



More info:

I decided to delete the largest database (it was about 3 GB) from the phone to try see if the smaller databases would sync quicker. I deleted it this morning around 8am. It’s almost 3pm and DTTG is still telling me “Deleting xxxxx items” and very very slowly counting down… as long as I keep the application active.

Hope this helps.

In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support Ticket. Thanks!

Will do. Thanks.