DTTG sync issue

I am using iCloud (CloudKit) sync. It seems to be working. However, DTTG is indicating 425 notes in the global in box while in reality there are only 7 which is correct. DTTG does seem to correctly reflect the original database on my Mac.

Every time I sync I get a “long string.manifest is missing in Global Inbox”

Any idea what is going on and how to correct it?

Did you already have a look at the chapter Sync > Troubleshooting in the help/ebook?

I have read this and about everything else, I can find. I am simply looking for more experienced users’ input on the most stable sync method, given that the DT folks advise that iCloud (CloudKit) might not be optimal.

Different question.

Others, as reported here, find unreliability with Apple’s Cloud services. My best advice, is if you really need third-party Internet-based cloud services, then consider Dropbox or a WebDAV service provided by a third party.

I rely on Bonjour which is the most reliable and quickest, in my experience. Requires local network connection (not Internet). I don’t bother with relying on internet sync while “out and about” with my iOS devices as they will always catch up on return.

To further improve speed and reliability, I limit (to works in progress and stuff I want to read) how much stuff gets synced with the iOS devices as they are less performant than a real computer. If while out “out and about” and I need everything, I simply take the MacBook.


Just like the overall experience with Apple’s iCloud (Drive) services this might vary. For some it works flawlessly, others have lots of issues.

E.g. the sync of reminders & Safari bookmarks via iCloud has been always unreliable (slow, frequent duplicates & missing data) over here despite the little amout of data that has to be synchronized whereas DEVONthink’s iCloud (CloudKit) works fine for me.

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