DTTG Sync unreliable

I frequently send things to DTTG on my iPad then find it very frustrating when I open my MacBook DT to find that it is not there as DTTG has not synced. Is there anyway to improve the sync to be more reliable? (It doesn’t lose anything when it does sync, it is just getting it to sync). Is there a setting to sync DTTG in the background at a given time interval? DTTG only seems to sync when a) it is open b) I have pressed the cloud symbol several times. Any suggestions welcome. I am using cloudkit sync.

In that case you might consider switching to another method like Bonjour or WebDAV. Apples Cloud is notoriously unreliable (as has been discussed often here already).

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Also DEVONthink To Go only syncs when it’s open and ideally the front most application.

Thank you both for your replies and suggestions.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi there, can I ask what is the difference between bonjour and webdav? I am in the apple eco system with an Mac, iPad and iPhone. - I desire to have the same robust experience of DT3 while on the go with my iPhone. As I am looking through the entries here - it seems to me that the experience is not as seamless as it seems.

Bonjour is a network protocol that exists in the Appleverse only. It is limited to the local network, so not useable remotely. It is zero-configuration by design: turn on one movie as server and all others can connect to it and exchange data.

WebDAV is a file transfer protocol based on HTTP(S). It needs a server that stores the files, which can be a NAS. It’s not limited to the local network. And it requires configuration.

Wikipedia should have all the gory details.


Thank you for explaining it to me. Appreciate it. For my current eco system, what would you recommend (for the purposes of syncing or connecting) if I want to use DTTG with DT3?

They are both are networking protocols. You can get more technical details if you want in textbooks or on internet pages.

From your perspective:

  • Bonjour works only inside one network, e.g. your home or office. That is how Apple designed it.

  • WebDav is more sophisticated and works across networks, i.e. is “routable”.

The server to which you connect to with either of these protocols also runs that protocol software to “talk” to your computer.

You can use your own WebDav server if you have the equipment and skills. Or you can purchase a third party service on the internet that provides you WebDav-based connections to their servers. Or you you can subscribe to other third party web services as described in the DEVONthink Handbook.

The “unreliability” you are reading about here is probably about Apple’s services, which are (let me be polite), unreliable.

When I need external access I use Dropbox. Just works. I don’t often need it as when I make changes to DEVONthink databases, I save the sync for when I return back to global HQ.

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I have no idea about your eco system. Nor do I know what “connecting” means in this context. Frankly, sync has been discussed in all its details here so often, I doubt that I can contribute anything new to the question. And no, this is not a snarky remark, it’s just a fact.


Thank you for your response, your comments are fair and it is not snarky at all. :slight_smile: Appreciate your time in clarifying the issues I’m struggling with.

Do you need to have your devices synced when you’re off your network?

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Sorry, is this related to my comment earlier? If so, the answer would be yes because I have a habit to me productive on the go. Though I understand from the posts earlier that Bonjour would be the most successful sync methods and the rest face alot of challenges (correct me if I am wrong on this).

Being ”productive on the go” doesn’t mean you need to sync with devices at home. Do you have a spouse or family that needs quick access to new data from DEVONthink To Go ?

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Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. Yes. My dad is diabetic and he frequently goes to the hospital for check ups. My sister and. take turns to bring him see the physician and we would like to share notes on what the doctor has said, or what my dad’s symptoms are (be it pre-existing or new ones) to keep a record. Of course someone may say, well why not WhatsApp it? Fair statement. Its just the ease of searching is making me consider the configuration of DTTG in conjunction with DT3. So any guidance would be appreciated.

Yes, because I often forget to sync before I leave home base
I use a daily planner note to organize my day; created on my Mac and referenced on my iPad

Ok. But is syncing not working for you? if not can you not select a third party sync service that is reliable, e,g. not Apple iCloud.

You’re welcome.

I’m not sure how you’d be sharing the data with your sister unless she ran DEVONthink To Go and also was signed in with your Apple ID or a common Dropbox account.

I think the lowdown is that different syncs are proving to be (un)reliable for different ppl (is that to do with server locations, routing, firewalls, or, or, or?). Whilst I cannot sync all my databases via a cloud solution - and therefore sync all my databases via Bonjour - those which are not confidential are synced via the cloud, and as such are always up-to-date, which I like. I don’t always think to sync daily via Bonjour. Anybody else finding themselves needing cloud sync but having trouble might just try one of the alternative offerings - so switching to/from iCloud to/from Dropbox to/from CloudMe. Sure, those knowledgable enough have the additional option of setting up their own WebDAV offering. That’s not for me.

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Why do other apps - such as Drafts or Goodlinks among others - sync effortlessly with no need to regularly open the app just for syncing?

I only do think syncs from DTTG so the volume of data should not be that large.

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